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Marion Academy is a wonderful independent christian school. For a small school, it offers a challenging curriculum that prepares students for college. The principal, faculty, staff, board of directors and parents work together to provide wonderful academic and extra-curricular opportunities for our children. The small enrollment allows any student to be involved in all extracurricular activities. While it's a sacrifice to send children to an independent school, I can't think of a better investment! The teachers at Marion Academy care enough to challenge their students both in academics and in life situations. Parents are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the school. 
—Submitted by a parent

Posted October 30, 2013

5 stars

"This is a very family oriented school. My child has blossomed this year under his 5th grade teacher and is excelling in school under her caring and soft spoken teaching methods. Marion Academy's 100+ students ALL are involved in extracurricular and sports programs. Your child would receive a well rounded educational experience! "

—Submitted by a parent

“I've been going to Marion academy for three years now.The Teachers are great,yes its a very small school but thats a good thing because you have one on one education and the teachers can take time to help the kid if they are having trouble with any thing.The first year i came to Marion academy i was so nervouse because the school i left was a horror movie to me, every one was so mean and hateful so there for i thought Marion was going to be the same but i was very wrong every one treated me like they new me all my life and they did not discreminate agianst my size, my hair ,or anything.I would like to thanks the teachers for putting up for me and teaching me I have learned so much sense i've been here and I know I will be prepared for college.Class of 2010"
—Submitted by a student
"All three of my children attended M.A. The school is very good. All of the teachers work hard to bring a quality education to each student. Many teachers stay after school for hours to work with individual students, volunteer to coach or work with students on other extra activities or prepare lessons for the next day or week. Sometimes there are some problems, but not because of lack of effort. The teachers will stay and help any student who has being trying and still needs help. The new principal has put a great deal of effort into making the school a great place. He is fair in discipline and tries to treat each family fairly. There are plenty of extra activities for the students including: sports, S.G.A., drama, speech competition, art competition, writing competitions and many others. Marion Academy is great." 
—Submitted by a parent


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