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P T O: P A R E N T   T E A C H E R   O R G A N I Z A T I O N 

Executive Staff

Co-Presidents: Scott & Tamara Brewer 

Vice-President: Shawna Green

Secretary: Heather Thurber

Treasurer: Mary Buntin

Committee Chairpersons

Fundraising: Tamara Brewer

Finance: Mary Buntin

Public Relations: Heather Thurber

Food Preparation: Heather Richards

Appreciation: Frances Cogle

Family Involvement: Melissa Bolding

Fundraiser Point of Contact (POC)

Fish Fry/Bingo

Chili Cook-Off: 

Shrimp/Crawfish Sale: 

Golf Tournament: 

Draw Down: 

Cinnamon Roll:

Box Tops:

Red Wagon: Heather Richards 

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